Civil Division

The Court also has jurisdiction in civil cases where the amount claimed does not exceed Fifteen Thousand Dollars ($15,000.00), exclusive of interest and costs. The small claims division has a monetary limit not to exceed Six Thousand Dollars ($6,000.00), exclusive of interest and costs.

To have appropriate jurisdiction you must be able to answer yes to ONE of the following statements:

Effective June 1st, 2018, the civil filing fees shall be as follows:

22.1 Complaint in Forcible Detention
$6.00 for each additional defendant
22.2 Civil Complaint
$6.00 for each additional defendant
3. Personal or Residence Service (additional fee required) $10.00
22.4 Execution of Property $100.00
22.5 Proceedings in Aid (non wage)
(Plus $1.00 fee made out to Garnishee)
22.6 Garnishment Personal Earnings $85.00
22.7 Debtor's Exam Civil $25.00
22.8 Writ of Restitution (you supply your own movers) $60.00
22.9 Cognovit Judgment $111.00
22.10 Certificate of Judgments $5.00
11. Certificate of Judgment for Transfer to Our Court $101.00
22.12 Publication Service $150.00
12. Precipe for Subpoenas Must Be Accompanied by Fees for One Day's Attendance Plus Mileage
(Each Witness - $12.00 plus mileage)
22.14 Jury Fees Deposit $360.00
22.15 The Clerk Shall Refuse to File and Act on Any Matter Requiring a Deposit of Costs Unless and Until the Deposit Has Been Made. Each Execution, Proceedings in Aid, Garnishment, or Like Proceeding Shall Require a Deposit of Costs According to the Above Schedule
22.16 Small Claims Filing Fee (One Defendant)
$6.00 for each additional defendant
22.17 Small Claims Debtor's Exam $7.50
22.18 Court of Appeals
($150.00 Court of Appeals & $25.00 Court)